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Sophia Bush

Ancestry of
Sophia Bush

TV and Movie Actress

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1st Generation

1. Jennifer Anna "Sophia" Bush (1982–)

2nd Generation

2. Charles William Bush (c1947–)

3. Maureen Ellen Searson (c1951–)

3rd Generation

4. Maxwell Charles Bush (c1910–1976)

5. Margaret Jean Allison (c1916–1996)

4th Generation

8. William Charles Bush (c1875–1936)

9. Mary Helen Nicholson (c1879–)

10. William Perceival "Percy" Allison (1887–1967)

11. Estella May Rose (1883–1947)

5th Generation

16. William Mark Bush (c1848–1933)

17. Mary Ellen Atcheson (1853–1941)

18. James H. Nicholson 

19. Annie McNally 

20. Jesse Rose Allison (c1848–1908)

21. Pheobe Johnston (c1849–1927)

6th Generation

32. John Bush 

33. Ellen ----- 

34. William Atcheson 

35. Louisa Baker 

Sophia Bush photo by Ray Conrado (CC BY-SA 2.0)