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Pepin the Short

Ancestry of
Pepin the Short


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1st Generation

1. Pepin the Short (c0714–0768)

2nd Generation

2. Charles Martel (c0688–0741)

3. Rotrou of Trier (–c0724)

3rd Generation

4. Pepin of Heristal (c0635–0714)

5. Alpaida (Chalpaida) of Saxony (c0654–)

4th Generation

8. Ansegisl ----- (c0602–c0692)

9. Saint Begga (c0615–0693)

10. Alberic de Austrasia 

11. Adele de Poitiers 

5th Generation

16. Saint Arnulf (0582–0640)

17. Saint Doda of Saxony (c0586–)

18. Pepin the Old (c0580–c0640/47)

19. Etta of Metz (c0592–c0652)