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Frederick Muhlenberg

Ancestry of
Frederick Muhlenberg

1st Speaker of the House

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1st Generation

1. Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg (1750–1801)

2nd Generation

2. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (1711–1787)

3. Anna Maria Weiser (1727–1802)

3rd Generation

4. Nicolaus Melchior Muhlenberg (–c1723)

5. Anna Maria Kleinschmid (–c1747)

6. John Conrad Weiser (1696–1760)

7. Anna Eva Feck (–1781)

4th Generation

12. John Conrad Weiser (c1660–1746)

13. Anna Magdalena Uebele 

14. Peter Feck (–c1748/1749)

15. Ana Maria ----- (–p1748/49)

5th Generation

24. Jacob Weiser 

25. Anna Trefz