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Mark Isham

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    Jonathan Haynes

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    • 8th Great-grandfather of Mark Isham — 11th Generation
    • Ahnentafel No:
    • 1786 
    • Father:
    • Mother:
    • Birth Date:
    • ABT 1646 
    • Birth Location:
    • Christening Date:
    • Christening Location:
    • Death Date:
    • 22 Feb 1697/1698 
    • Death Location:
    • Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts 
    • Burial Date:
    • Burial Location:
    • West Parish Cemetery, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts 
    • Marriage Date:
    • 30 Dec 1674 
    • Marriage Location:
    • Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire 
    • Notes: 
    • Jonathan Haynes birth year has been reported as 1610 and 1616 in various publications and on a memorial stone at the cemetery. Donald Lines Jacobus gave evidence that this is wrong and should read 1646 as he was "aged about thirty-six years" during a deposition in 1682. (See T.A.G. 1946 23:110-112)

      Jonathan Haynes and four of his children, Mary, Thomas, Jonathan and Joseph were captured by Indians in 1696. Jonathan was reaping while his children picked beans within sight of their house. They were take to what is now Concord, New Hampshire, where the captives were split into two groups. The first group consisted of Jonathan and his son Thomas. They were taken to Maine where they eventually escaped. The other children were taken to Canada and sold to the French. Mary was eventually redeemed and returned. Jonathan and Joseph remained in Canada and eventually married and had families there.

      Jonathan Haynes was killed by Indians and his son Thomas taken captive again just two years later. Thomas would be redeemed a year later.

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