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    • Grandmother of Edward Emerson — 3rd Generation
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    • Christening Date:
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    • Death Date:
    • AFT 28 Jan 1678/1679 
    • Death Location:
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    • Marriage Date:
    • BEF 9 Nov 1658 
    • Marriage Location:
    • Notes: 
    • Lucian's given name is also seen as Lucy Ann.

      There are only three known references to Lucian/Lucy Ann in historical documents. They are:

      • 09 NOV 1658 - "Lucian Buckley" acknowledged a deed as the wife of Edward Bulkeley where she "shall resign her interest in the lands"
      • 19 NOV 1672 - A deed to sell land to Thomas Brattle of Boston by Edward Bulkeley of Concord with Lucian/Lucy Ann Bulkeley signing dower rights
      • 28 JAN 1678/9 - Probate of Lucian's daughter Lucy Ann (____) Lake, wife of John Lake. Her daughter Lucy Ann was from an unknown first husband. In the probate record, the court orders the estate for daughter "Mrs Lucey Lake make an account to the clerk and that they pay in the balance that is in their hands unto her mother Mrs Lucey Anna Bulkeley (Mr Edwd Bulkeley her Husband giving a receipt to the Clerke fo the same) to remin in her hands until some other person may make a better claim to it."

      Since we can only be certain that Lucian was married to Edward Bulkeley by 09 NOV 1658, there is some circumstantial evidence that points to Lucian being the mother of all his children. This evidence if found in the naming of children by two of Edward's daughters.

      • Edward Bulkeley's eldest daughter, and likely eldest child, Elizabeth was born about 1638 and married, as her first husband, Rev. Joseph Emerson. They named their first child Lucy Ann.
      • Edward Bulkeley's youngest daughter Mary, born about 1648 [see NEHGR 163:66] and wife of Thomas Clarke, named her oldest child Lucy.

      In 2015, Alicia Crane Williams published Early New England Families, Volume 1 where she discussed why these naming patterns "strongly suggest" that Lucian was the mother of Elizabeth and Mary "given the assumption that they would more likely have named their daughters after their natural mother than a step-mother."

      Edward Bulkeley and Grace Halloway

      There has been a claim that Edward Bulkeley had to have a first wife before Lucian, and that some of his children, if not all, had to be from that first wife. This claim says there is proof of an alleged "pre-nuptial agreement" between Edward Bulkeley and Grace Halloway, widow of William Halloway. The problem with this claim is that it is based on an incorrect interpretation of a probate record for the estate of William Halloway.

      This probate record from 05 JAN 1653/4 is for the court to grant letters of administration to the widow Grace, and to bound both her and Edward "Buckley" for the 10 pounds to paid to each of William and Grace Halloway's daughters "att the day of theire marriage." This statement refers to the daughters' marriage and not a marriage between Grace and Edward Bulkeley. The claim incorrectly interpreted this as a "pre-nuptial agreement" between Grace and Edward and that the daughters would be paid when Grace and Edward were married, which is clearly not what the record is stating. Once it was known that widow Grace and John Phillips were to be married, Edward went to court to remove him from being bound for those payments and to have John Phillips replace him. There is nothing to indicate that Grace and Edward were to be married.

      Although it's possible Edward had two wives, there is only evidence that he had one and that was Lucian/Lucy Ann. The circumstantial evidence of the name patterns of Edward's oldest and youngest daughters naming their eldest children Lucy or Lucy Ann suggests that Lucian was likely the mother of all the children.

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