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Shubael D. Childs

Ancestry of
Shubael D. Childs

Founder of S.D. Childs & Company

    Shubael Davis Childs

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    • 1st Generation
    • Ahnentafel No:
    • Birth Date:
    • 10 Dec 1799 
    • Birth Location:
    • Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts 
    • Christening Date:
    • Christening Location:
    • Death Date:
    • 9 Jan 1870 
    • Death Location:
    • Evanston, Cook, Illinois 
    • Burial Date:
    • Burial Location:
    • Notes: 
    • Proceedings of Annual Convention (1916) 1) "Jacob Manz, Chicago, Ill. - Mr. Manz was fatally injured April 25, 1916, in a fall. He was president of the Manz Engraving Company and was born October 1, 1835 at Marthalen, in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, his father being an architect and builder. He was apprenticed to the wood engraving business, and in 1855 just after his apprenticeship he came to America and obtained employment with the firm Childs & Company, now S.D. Childs & Company. Later on he went into business for himself and proved very successful. He was also prominent in various enterprises in Chicago. He is survived by four children - Mrs. M. H. Borlin, Paul H. Manz, Adolph W. Manz and Mrs. Henry York." The Book of Chicagoans (1911) concerning Jacob Manz: 1) "learned wood engraving with Lips & Spalinger, Schaffhousen, Switzerland" 2) "came to Chicago direct from Switzerland, 1855, securing employment with S.D. Childs & Co., then the only engraving house in Chicago" 3) "in 1867, with partner, established engraving business as Maas & Manz, later succeeding as sole proprietor" History of Chicago (1884) page 414 (found on HeritageQuest database): "The first engraver in Chicago was Shuball (sic) D. Childs, who was engaged with Edward H. Rudd, at the Saloon Building, in engraving, book and job printing, in 1839, and some subsequent years; and with R. N. White, in engraving, from 1845 to 1853. Joseph E. Ware came to this city in 1840; the names of the following engravers are collated from the directories for the various years whose dates supplement their names: Miss H. Case, Herman Bosse, 1849; Frank E. Thomas, S.D. Childs, junior, both employed with S.D. Childs, senior, 1850." (includes signature for S.D. Childs) 1840 Census, Illinois, Cook, Chicago Ward 1, image 13: Males 1 - Child under 5 1 - 5 & under 10 1 - 40 & under 50 Female 1 - Child under 5 1 - 20 & under 30 1860 Census, Illinois, Cook, Chicago Ward 7, Page 354 S.D. Childs - 60 Eliza W. Childs - 48 Mary A. Childs - 22 Samuel D. Childs - 19 George M. Childs - 17 Franciska Childs - 15 Jerome Childs - 9 John Childs - 6 Wm S. Carson - 26 1850 Census, Illinois, Cook, Boat and Hands, Page 1 George Childs - 15 (Canal Driver) A George M Childs is found in Springfield, IL in 1865. Chicago Tribune, 04 JUN 1886: "The will of Shubael D. Childs was admitted to probate, and letters testamentary were issued to his widow, Mary A. Childs, of Evanston, yesterday. The estate is value at $?34,000, the greater part of which consists of the interest of the deceased in the printing and stationery business of S.D. Childs & Co. Everything is left to the widow, but directions are given for the continuance of the business of the firm." History of Chicago (1885), Page 488: 1) "learned trade of wood engraver, in Boston . . ." 2) "came to this city in November, 1837." 3) "prior to his departure, he married Miss Eliza W. Aiken, on April 27, 1831." 4) "He entered into business immediately upon his arrival here, but there being comparatively little wood engraving to be done in the city in 1837, he combined, with that business, sign-painting, wood-carving, etc. and occasionally printing." 5) "Mr. Child's was the first wood engraver in Chicago, and several of the engravings in the first volume of this History are reproductions of the originals made by him." 6) Very detailed description of the business and mentions J.A. Smith. Longworth's American Almanac, New York Register, and City Directory - page 156: 1) Shubael D. Childs lived in New York City as a wood engraver.
  • Marriages for Shubael Davis Childs

    • Spouse:
    • Eliza Woodburn Aiken
    • Marriage Date:
    • 27 Apr 1831

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  • Sources for Shubael Davis Childs

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