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William Marston

Ancestry of
William Marston

(c1592 - 1672)
Great Migration Immigrant 1636

The family tree for William Marston is still in progress.

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Some of the most recently added connections of famous kin for William Marston


Adrienne Marden

Movie Actress

7th great-granddaughter


Kevin Spacey

TV and Movie Actor

10th great-grandson


Henry Wells

Co-Founder of American Express and Wells Fargo and Co.

3rd great-grandson


Charles A. Pillsbury

Co-Founder of C.A. Pillsbury Co.

6th great-grandson


John Sargent Pillsbury

Co-Founder of C.A. Pillsbury Co.

5th great-grandson


Nathaniel Philbrick

Author of In the Heart of the Sea

9th great-grandson


Owen Brewster

54th Governor of Maine

8th great-grandson

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