Master Name Index

Surname of ANTWERP

Lionel of Antwerp (1338 – 1368)

Famous Descendant(s):

Calvin Coolidge — 30th U.S. President

George Washington — 1st U.S. President

Meriwether Lewis — Lewis and Clark Expedition

Princess Diana — Princess of Wales

Prince William — Duke of Cambridge

Catherine Middleton — Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Harry — Duke of Sussex

Harriet Martineau — Author of The Hour and the Man

King Henry VIII — King of England

Jane Seymour — 3rd Wife of King Henry VIII

Queen Elizabeth II — Queen of the United Kingdom

Franklin D. Roosevelt — 32nd U.S. President

Eleanor Roosevelt — First Lady of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Alice (Lee) Roosevelt — First Wife of President Theodore Roosevelt

General George S. Patton — U.S. Army - World War II

Elizabeth Montgomery — TV Actress - “Bewitched”

Sir Winston Churchill — Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

William Howard Taft — 27th U.S. President

Francis Scott Key — Author of “The Star Spangled Banner”

Camilla Parker Bowles — Duchess of Cornwall

Raquel Welch — Movie Actress

Kyra Sedgwick — TV and Movie Actress

Fletcher Christian — Leader of the mutiny on the Bounty

Admiral Richard Byrd — Polar Explorer

Thomas Nelson — Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Sandra Day O'Connor — First Female U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Caesar Rodney — Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Roy Rogers — Cowboy movie actor and singer

Paris Hilton — Socialite and TV Personality

George Mason — Father of the U.S. Bill of Rights

Richard More — Mayflower Passenger

Louis Auchincloss — Author

Ted Danson — TV Actor - “Cheers”, “CSI”

Charles Darwin — Theory of Evolution

John Kerry — 68th U.S. Secretary of State

Paget Brewster — TV Actress

Ellen DeGeneres — Comedienne and TV Personality

Upton Sinclair — Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist

Guy Ritchie — British Filmmaker

Thomas Hunt Morgan — Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine

Harry F. Byrd — 50th Governor of Virginia

Sarah Ferguson — Duchess of York

George Clinton — 4th U.S. Vice President

DeWitt Clinton — 6th Governor of New York

Lt. Gen. James Brudenell — Leader of the “Charge of the Light Brigade”

Hugh Grant — Movie Actor

Carly Fiorina — CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Illeana Douglas — TV and Movie Actress

Melvyn Douglas — Movie Actor

Edward Norton — Movie Actor

Endicott Peabody — 62nd Governor of Massachusetts

James Russell Lowell — American “Fireside” Poet

John Adams Morgan — 1952 Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist

Benedict Cumberbatch — Movie, Television and Stage Actor

Alan Turing — WWII Codebreaker of Nazi Enigma Machine

Fitzhugh Lee — 40th Governor of Virginia

Kit Harington — TV Actor - “Game of Thrones”

Meghan Markle — Duchess of Sussex, TV Actress

Cara Delevingne — Fashion Model and Movie Actress

Tuesday Weld — TV and Movie Actress

Charles Dana Gibson — Graphic Artist

Leverett Saltonstall — 55th Governor of Massachusetts

Daniel Carroll — Signer of the U.S. Constitution

John Carroll — Founder of Georgetown University