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William de Menteith

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William de Menteith


    John de Menteith

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    • Great-grandfather of William de Menteith — 4th Generation
    • Ahnentafel No:
    • Birth Date:
    • ABT 1275 
    • Birth Location:
    • Christening Date:
    • Christening Location:
    • Death Date:
    • AFT 1323 
    • Death Location:
    • Burial Date:
    • Burial Location:
    • Spouse Name:
    • Marriage Date:
    • Marriage Location:
    • Notes: 
    • Sir John Menteith is alleged to be the betrayer of Sir William Wallace. Sir John discovered the retreat of Wallace through information from Jack Short, his servant. He went under cover of night and seized him in bed. He was sent to King Edward and was apparently hanged, drawn, and quartered in London.

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  • Sources for John de Menteith

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