Hannah (Hoes) Van Buren

Ancestry of
Hannah (Hoes) Van Buren

Wife of President Martin Van Buren

Who was Hannah Van Buren?

Hannah (Hoes) Van Buren was born 08 March 1783 in Kinderhook, New York, to Johannes Dircksen Hoes and his wife Maria Quackenbush. In 1807 she married her father's first cousin Martin Van Buren. Martin would go on to become the 8th President of the United States.

Although she was the wife of President Martin Van Buren, Hannah was never an actual First Lady since she died 18 years prior to her husband becoming President. For the first 20 months of his administration there was no First Lady. However, following the marriage of their eldest son Abraham, Martin Van Buren's new daughter-in-law took up the position of hostess for the White House.

Unlike the ancestries of most Presidents and their wives, Hannah's ancestry does not go back through colonial New England but instead is mainly Dutch through New Amsterdam. Her famous kin includes President Theodore Roosevelt and his niece Eleanor Roosevelt.

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