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Karen Showell

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Karen Showell

Graphic Artist and Gospel Singer

Who is Karen (Stribling) Showell?

Karen Showell is a graphic artist and Gospel singer. She recorded a hit single at the age of 13 when she sang, “We're Not Too Young (To Fall In Love)” written by Jackie Beavers and released by his Jaber Records label. Karen went on to sing background for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr., and as an opening act for stars such as B.B. King, Mille Jackson and the late David Ruffin.

Karen is also a gifted graphic artist and you can learn more about Karen and view her artwork at Fine Art by Karen Showell. You can listen to her single “We’re Not Too Young” on YouTube and her more recent music on Spotify.

Famous Kin

A few years ago, Karen Showell took an autosomal DNA test not knowing what to expect. Among the revelations was a family connection to the Broussard family in Louisiana. It is through this family that Karen finds herself a third cousin of singer, songwriter and actress Beyoncé. It is also through this common ancestor that both Karen and Beyoncé can claim a descent from the likes of King Henry III, William the Conqueror, King Robert I of France, Alfred the Great, and Charlemagne.

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Karen Showell photo by Karen Showell (used with permission)