Ancestry of
Joy Morton

Founder of Morton Salt Company

Who was Joy Morton?

Joy Morton was the founder of the Morton Salt Company. In 1922, he founded The Morton Arboretum on land next to his estate in Lisle, Illinois. After his father's death, he gave the family estate known as Arbor Lodge to the State of Nebraska which became Nebraska's first state park. It is now called Arbor Lodge State Historical Park and Arboretum.

Famous Kin

Joy Morton's father was J. Sterling Morton, 3rd U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, acting Governor of Nebraska, and the founder of Arbor Day. There are a number of notable historical figures in his family tree including, but not limited to, Brigham Young (2nd President of the Mormon Church), Clara Barton (Founder of the American Red Cross), Eli Whitney (Inventor of the cotton gin), Samuel Colt (Inventor of the Colt revolver), and Susan B. Anthony (Women's rights advocate).

Presidential kin for Joy Morton include Franklin Pierce, Grover Cleveland, Calvin Coolidge, William H. Taft, Chester Arthur, Millard Fillmore, Gerald Ford, and George W. Bush. He also has a few family connections to signers of the American Declaration of Independence that include Josiah Bartlett, Samuel Huntington, and General William Whipple. Other famous kin include actor Oliver Platt, NFL quarterback Steve Young, actress Raquel Welch, author Ray Bradbury, and actor John Wayne.

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