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John McCain

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John McCain

U.S. Senator from Arizona

Who is John McCain?

John McCain is a U.S. Senator from Arizona. He was the son and grandson of four-star admirals in the U.S. Navy. John McCain was a naval aviator during the Vietnam War piloting ground-attack aircraft off of the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. In 1967 he was seriously injured when he was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese. He remained a prisoner of war until 1973 and experienced multiple episodes of torture while in captivity. In 2008 he was the Republican presidential nominee in the race for U.S. President. He lost the election to Sen. Barack Obama.

Famous Kin

Senator John McCain has a number of kinships to former presidents of the United States including George Washington, James Madison, William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and both Presidents Bush. Most of his famous kin are through royal connections that include King Henry VIII and a few of his wives, and more recently Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Diana.

John McCain has a few kinships to signers of the Declaration of Independence that include Benjamin Harrison V, Robert Treat Paine, Thomas Nelson, Caesar Rodney, William Floyd, Roger Sherman, and William Ellery.

False Claims

Actress Anjelica Huston

There are a number of online sources that claim that Sen. John McCain and actress Anjelica Huston are cousins through their common ancestors of Joseph Scales and Mary Fox. The most prominent of these claims is on the late William Reitwiesner's website Unfortunately the claim is false as the connection from Anjelica Huston becomes invalid with the proposed parentage of her great-grandfather John Gore.

The claim is that John Gore, who married Adelia Richardson, was the son of Edward Gore and Mary Jane Camp. However primary sources show that their son John actually married Cora C. Miller in 1884 and remained married to her into the mid-1900s. Anjelica Huston's great-grandfather was the son of William C. Goar (Gore) and Jane Farley, both of Virginia.

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