Charles Michel Mouet de Langlade

Ancestry of
Charles Michel Mouet de Langlade

“Father of Wisconsin”

Who was Charles Michel Mouet de Langlade?

Charles Michel Mouet, sieur de Langlade, was the son of a prominent French/Canadian fur trader and an Ottawa woman. He was not among the first to settle in what is now the state of Wisconsin, but he is said to be among the most notable of those who were there long before the area would become part of the United States and thus has been given the title by many as “The Father of Wisconsin.”

Langlade’s uncle was an Ottawa chief named Nissowaquet who taught him to be a warrior. He became a renowned leader during the French and Indian War and fought in many battles leading Native Americans against the British. He is probably most famous for a 1755 battle known as Braddock’s Defeat, a battle where a party of French and Indians consisting of about 300 defeated an army of British soldiers that numbered close to 1,300 well armed troops.

Famous Kin

With Charles Michel Mouet de Langlade’s ancestry being half French/Canadian and half Native American, it is the French/Canadian side of his family tree that connects him to a few famous people. Among his famous kin are singer and songwriter Madonna, former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton, TV and movie actor Chris Pratt, singer and songwriter Justin Bieber, and Canadian Prime Ministers Pierre and Justin Trudeau.

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