Homer G. Balcom

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Homer G. Balcom

Designer of the Empire State Building

Who was Homer G. Balcom?

Homer G. Balcom was a New York structural engineer who designed a number of tall skyline buildings during the early to mid-20th century. The Empire State Building is probably his most crowning achievement. It took just 13 months to complete and held the world’s record for the tallest skyscraper from 1931 until 1972 when it was beat out by the World Trade Center in New York. Today, more than thirty buildings can claim they are taller than the Empire State Building, but it is undoubtedly still one of the most recognized buildings in the world.

A list of some of the other buildings credited to Homer Balcom include the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Bank of New York Building, RCA Building (now GE) at Rockefeller Center, Nebraska State Capitol, National Gallery of Art (Mellon Art Museum), and many others.

Famous Kin

The famous kin in Homer Balcom’s family tree include a couple of U.S. First Ladies, Florence (Kling) Harding and Grace (Goodhue) Coolidge, astronomer Edwin Hubble, circus entertainer P.T. Barnum, Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, comedian Chevy Chase and others.

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