Willis Carrier

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Willis Carrier

Inventor of Air Conditioning

Who is Willis Carrier?

Willis Carrier invented the first electrical air conditioning unit in 1902. He was also the founder the Carrier Corporation, a company that manufactures and distributes heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. Today the company is a part of United Technologies.

Famous Kin

Willis Carrier is a descendant of Mayflower passengers Richard Warren and Edward Fuller. His ancestry can also be traced back to Magna Carta surety Henry de Bohun. His royal connections include being a direct descendant of King Edward I and other family connections to the current royal family through shared ancestors with the late Princess Diana.

Willis Carrier has a number of Presidential kin including, but not limited to, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Pierce, Millard Fillmore, Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and both Presidents Bush.

Some fellow inventors that are in Willis Carrier’s family tree include Thomas Edison (often claimed to have been America’s greatest inventor), Samuel Colt (inventor of the Colt revolver), Joseph Glidden (inventor of barbed wire), Gail Borden (inventor of condensed milk), Robert Goddard (inventor of the first liquid-propelled rocket), and Eli Whitney (inventor of the cotton gin).

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