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Ty Cobb

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player

Who was Ty Cobb?

Ty Cobb was an American Hall of Fame major league baseball player and manager from 1905 until 1928. He was nicknamed The Georgia Peach and has been said to have set at least 90 Major League Baseball records during his career. He currently still holds the record for the highest career batting average (.366). Ty Cobb spent most of his career with the Detroit Tigers as an outfielder and player-manager. His final years were with the Philadelphia Athletics. In 1939, he was among the first group of inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame receiving more votes than any other player, including fellow inductee Babe Ruth.

Famous Kin

Ty Cobb is a direct descendant of Mary (Towne) Estey who was found guilty of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials and executed in 1692. His family tree also includes a number of former U.S. Presidents including William Howard Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford, and George W. Bush. A couple of former U.S. First Ladies also appear in his family tree, Barbara (Pierce) Bush and Grace (Goodhue) Coolidge.

Celebrity kin of Ty Cobb include John Ritter, Lucille Ball, Vincent Price, David Hyde Pierce, Raquel Welch, Grace Slick, and Paget Brewster. Also former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney have kinship to Ty Cobb.

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