Henry Samson

Famous Kin of
Henry Samson

Mayflower Passenger

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

American “Fireside” Poet

4th great-grandson

Barbara (Pierce) Bush

First Lady of President George H.W. Bush

8th great-granddaughter

Sarah Palin

9th Governor of Alaska

8th great-granddaughter

Marie-Chantal Miller

Crown Princess of Greece

8th great-granddaughter

George W. Bush

43rd U.S. President

9th great-grandson

Jeb Bush

43rd Governor of Florida

9th great-grandson

Potter Palmer

Co-Founder of Marshall Fields

1st cousin 6 times removed via John Samson

Henry Crapo

14th Governor of Michigan

1st cousin 7 times removed via John Samson

William Durant

Co-Founder of General Motors and Founder of Frigidaire

1st cousin 9 times removed via John Samson

Gerald Ford

38th U.S. President

1st cousin 10 times removed via John Samson