Master Name Index

Surname of ADAM

Joan Adam (  –  )

Famous Descendant(s):

Tennessee Williams — Author of A Streetcar Named Desire

Henry Sturgis Morgan — Co-Founder of Morgan Stanley

J.P. Morgan, Jr. — American Banker and Philanthropist

Edith (Carow) Roosevelt — First Lady of President Theodore Roosevelt

Sir Winston Churchill — Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Aaron Burr — Killed Alexander Hamilton

Nelson Rockefeller — 41st U.S. Vice-President

J.P. Morgan — American Banker and Art Collector

Frank Nelson Doubleday — Founder of Doubleday & Co.

Kate Upton — Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model

Frederick Upton — Co-Founder of Whirlpool Corporation

Levi Parsons Morton — 22nd U.S. Vice-President

Lillian Gish — Stage, TV and Movie Actress

Bill Nye — TV's The Science Guy

Brian Wilson — Co-Founder of The Beach Boys

Dennis Wilson — Co-Founder of The Beach Boys

Carl Wilson — Co-Founder of The Beach Boys

Harriet Beecher Stowe — Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Kevin Love — NBA All-Star Player

Mike Love — Co-Founder of The Beach Boys

Rikki Bates — Musician (Member of The Incredible Casuals)

John Adams Morgan — 1952 Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist

Rev. James Pierpont — Founder of Yale University

John Cena — Movie Actor and WWE Pro Wrestler