Master Name Index

Surname of ANDREWE

James Andrewe (  –  )

Famous Descendant(s):

Henry Lee III — 9th Governor of Virginia

General Robert E. Lee — Confederate Army - U.S. Civil War

William Henry Harrison — 9th U.S. President

Benjamin Harrison — 23rd U.S. President

Benjamin Harrison V — Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Princess Diana — Princess of Wales

Prince William — Duke of Cambridge

Prince Harry — Duke of Sussex

Queen Elizabeth II — Queen of the United Kingdom

Eleanor Roosevelt — First Lady of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sir Winston Churchill — Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Admiral Richard Byrd — Polar Explorer

Thomas Nelson — Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Caleb Brewster — Member of the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution

Harry F. Byrd — 50th Governor of Virginia

Sarah Ferguson — Duchess of York

Olivia De Havilland — Movie Actress

Joan Fontaine — Movie Actress

Lt. Gen. James Brudenell — Leader of the “Charge of the Light Brigade”

Mary Chapin Carpenter — Singer and Songwriter

Edward Norton — Movie Actor

James Russell Lowell — American “Fireside” Poet

Benedict Cumberbatch — Movie, Television and Stage Actor

Fitzhugh Lee — 40th Governor of Virginia

Carter Braxton — Signer of the Declaration of Independence