Master Name Index

Surname of ANGERS

Ingelger of Angers (    – 0888)

Famous Descendant(s):

King Edward I — King of England

King Henry III — King of England

William the Conqueror — King of England

Hugh le Bigod — Magna Carta Surety

Robert FitzWalter — Magna Carta Surety

Sir Saher de Quincy — Magna Carta Surety

King Louis VI — King of France

Gov. Thomas Dudley — Colonial Immigrant Ancestor

Anne Boleyn — 2nd Wife of King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII — King of England

Jane Seymour — 3rd Wife of King Henry VIII

Robert Abell — Colonial Immigrant Ancestor

Rev. George Burroughs — Executed for Witchcraft, Salem 1692

Henry de Bohun — Magna Carta Surety

Major John Pitcairn — British Commander at Battle of Lexington

Edmund Waller — English Poet and Politician

Catherine Howard — 5th Wife of King Henry VIII

Sir William de Huntingfield — Magna Carta Surety

Caesar Rodney — Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Elihu Yale — Benefactor and Namesake of Yale College

Richard More — Mayflower Passenger

Catherine Parr — 6th Wife of King Henry VIII

George Clinton — 4th U.S. Vice President

Robert Catesby — Leader of Gunpowder Plot