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Anna Faris

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Anna Faris

TV and Movie Actress

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Anna Faris


Albert I, Count of d. ca. 1011

Albert II, Count of b. BY 1011

Albert III, Count of b. BY 1037

Elizabeth of -

Godfrey, Count of b. BY 1102


Ermengarde of b. ca. 0900


Eberhard IV of -

Hedwig of b. 0922


Adelaide of b. BY 1035

Adele of -

Richard I of b. 28 Aug 0933

Richard II of b. ca. 0975

Robert I of b. ca. 1004

Rollo of b. ca. 0870

William I of b. ca. 0900


Alice of -

Maud of b. ca. 1072


Sigurd of d. ca. 1055

Waltheof II of b. ca. 1050

Anna Faris photo by Xizi (Cecilia) Hua (CC BY-SA 2.0)