Ancestry of
Robert Townsend

Member of the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution

Surname Index

<---->, Acre, Aetheling, Almy, Angoulême, Anjou, Aquitaine, Arderne, Arles, Audley, Aylesbury, Bar-sur-Aube, Bar-sur-Seine, Barcelona, Barlow, Basset, Beauchamp, Beaumont, Bernicia, Bigod, Bolingbroke, Botetourte, Boulogne, Braiose, Braose, Brienne, Brionne, Briquessart, Brittany, Brus, Burdet, Burgundy, Camville, Capet, Card, Castile, Chateaudun, Chaworth, Chester, Chiny, Clare, Claremont, Clere, Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, Crepon, Crispin, d'Aubeney, d'Engaine, Engaine, England, Falaise, Fauconberge, Fiennes, FitzGilbert, FitzGilbert (the Marshal), FitzHamon, FitzNess, FitzOtto, FitzPatrick, FitzReinfrid, FitzRichard de Clare, FitzRobert, FitzRoger, FitzThomas, FitzWilliam, Flaitel, Flanders, Fogge, France, Fray, Gael, Gant, Geneva, Gernons, Giffard, Glanville, Gloucester, Goz, Grantmesnil, Gras, Great, Greinville, Grey, Guelders, Hainault, Harcourt, Hastang, Hobrugg, Huntingfield, Ironside, Kevelioc, Kiev, Lacy, Lancaster, Leicester, Lens, Leon, Longespee, Lorraine, Louvain, Lower Lorraine, Luxembourg, MacMurrough, Maine, Mainwaring, Marshal, Meschin, Meschines, Meulan, Montdidier, Montfort, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Mortimer, Namur, Normandy, Northumberland, Northumbria, O'Caellaide (O'Kelly), O'Domnail, O'Morda, O'Toole, Obotrites, Olofsdotter, Orthen, Pabenham, Paynel (Paganel), Paynell, Peveral, Picot, Plantagenet, Ponthieu, Provence, Quincy, Ranulf, Roucy, Sabran, Salisbury, Savoy, Saxony, Scotland, Seaman, Segersall, Semur-en-Auxois, Skotkonung, Somery, St. Hilary, St. Liz, St. Philibert, Stafford, Stoddard, Strange, Strickland, Stuteville, Svyatoslavich, Talvas, Tame, Titus, Tony, Tosny, Townsend, Trussell, Unthank, Valois, Vermandois, Viennois, Vitre, Waer (Gael), Warenne, Washburn, Wise