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Tammy Duckworth

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Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Senator from Illinois

    Susannah Eastman

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    • 7th Great-grandmother of Tammy Duckworth — 10th Generation
    • Ahnentafel No:
    • 657 
    • Birth Date:
    • ABT 1672 
    • Birth Location:
    • Christening Date:
    • Christening Location:
    • Death Date:
    • 20 Dec 1772 
    • Death Location:
    • Burial Date:
    • Burial Location:
    • Marriage Date:
    • 1 Aug 1699 
    • Marriage Location:
    • Children:

    • William Swan

      Nathaniel Swan

      Asa Swan (Ahnentafel No:328 )

    • Notes: 
    • “During the Indian war, when so many of the inhabitants of Haverhill were killed, the Indians attacked their house, which stood in the field now called White's lot, nearly opposite to the house of Capt. Emerson. Mr. Swan and his wife saw them approaching, and, determined, if possible, to save their own lives and the lives of their children from the knives of the ruthless butchers. The immediately placed themselves against the door, which was so narrow that two could scarcely enter abreast. The Indians rushed against it, but finding that it could not be easily opened, they commenced their operations more systematically. One of them placed his back to the door so that he could make his whole strength bear upon it, while others pushed against him. The strength of the besiegers was greater than that of the besieged, and Mr. Swan, being rather a timid man, almost despaired of saving himself and family and told his wife that he thought it would be better to let them in, but this resolute and courageous woman had no such idea. The Indians had now succeeded in partly opening the door, and one of them was crowding himself in, while the other was pushing lustily after. The heroic wife saw that there was no time for parleying; she seized her bake spit, which was nearly three feet in length, and a deadly weapon in the hands of the woman, as it proved, and collecting all the strength she possessed, drove it through the body of the foremost. This was too warm a reception for the besiegers; it was resistance from a source, and with a weapon they little expected, and, surely, who else could ever think of spitting a man? The two Indians thus repulsed immediately retreated and did not molest them again. Thus, by fortitude and heroic courage of a wife and mother, this family was probably saved from a bloody grave.”

      History of the Town of Stonington, by Richard Anson Wheeler (1900)

  • Additional marriages for Susannah Eastman

    • Spouse:
    • Thomas Wood
    • Marriage Date:
    • 16 May 1693

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  • Sources for Susannah Eastman

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