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Mike Huckabee

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Mike Huckabee

44th Governor of Arkansas

    Francis Armistead

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    • 7th Great-grandfather of Mike Huckabee — 10th Generation
    • Ahnentafel No:
    • 672 
    • Father:
    • Mother:
    • Birth Date:
    • Birth Location:
    • Christening Date:
    • Christening Location:
    • Death Date:
    • 4 Apr 1719 
    • Death Location:
    • Richmond County, Virginia 
    • Burial Date:
    • Burial Location:
    • Marriage Date:
    • ABT 29 Oct 1715 
    • Marriage Location:
    • Northampton County, Virginia 
    • Notes: 
    • Francis Armistead is the 7th great-grandfather of Mike Huckabee. He is often claimed to be the son of Ralph Armistead, and grandson of William Armistead and Ann Ellis. However, Francis cannot be the son of Ralph Armistead as Francis mentions Francis, son of Ralph, in his will. Francis Armistead, son of Ralph, may be an uncle, but there is no evidence to confirm this. Also no evidence has been found to confirm that Ralph Armistead is the son of William and Ann (Ellis) Armistead.

      Francis Armistead is also claimed by some to be the son of John Armistead and Mary Brown, and that John Armistead is the son of Ralph Armistead. This would support the assumption that Francis Armistead, son of Ralph, was an uncle. However there is no evidence to confirm that Francis Armstrong was a son of John and Mary (Brown) Armistead, or that John Armistead was a son of Ralph Armistead.

      Although there probably is some relationship between all these Armistead men, what their relationships are is nothing but speculation. So at this point, any claimed ancestors of this Francis Armistead would have to be met with skepticism unless new evidence emerges.

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Mike Huckabee photo by Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)