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John Lithgow

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John Lithgow

Stage, TV, and Movie Actor

Who is John Lithgow?

John Lithgow is an American stage, television and movie actor. He is also a children's book author and has recorded children's music albums. John Lithgow has received many awards throughout his career including, but not limited to, two Tony Awards, five Emmy Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and an American Comedy Award. He has also been nominated for two Academy Awards and four Grammy Awards.

Famous Kin

John Lithgow is a direct descendant of Mayflower passengers John Billington and William Bradford. He also has an accused witch in the family with a connection to Mary (Perkins) Bradbury who was convicted of witchcraft at the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. John Lithgow has a number of U.S. Presidents in his family tree including James Garfield, Millard Fillmore, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rutherford B. Hayes, Howard Taft, Grover Cleveland, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and both Presidents Bush. U.S. First Ladies are also represented in his family tree with kinship to Mamie Eisenhower, Bess Truman, and Nancy Reagan. There is also a royal connection for John Lithgow with kinship to the late Princess Diana

John Lithgow's literary kin include author Harriet Beecher Stowe, poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, author Louisa May Alcott, poet Emily Dickinson, playwright Tennessee Williams, and poet Robert Frost. Celebrity kin for John Lithgow include actress Katharine Hepburn, singer Janis Joplin, actor Henry Fonda, TV personality and chef Julia Child, actor Humphrey Bogart, actress Jodie Foster, actor Clint Eastwood, actress Sally Field, singer Amy Grant, actor Ed Helms, actor James Dean, and the Wilson brothers of The Beach Boys..

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John Lithgow photo by David Shankbone (CC BY-SA 3.0)